“Secret Of Success” for the program Earthrise on Al Jazeera English

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It was an absolute joy to work with Al Jazeera on their new environmental series called “Earthrise”.  This is the first of two stories I helped put together for the program.

“Flush With Pride” for the program Earthrise on Al Jazeera English

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This is the second short documentary I helped put together for Earthrise on Al Jazeera.

“Immigration Reform: A Fractured Effort”

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“Immigration Reform: A Fractured Effort” is my first completed Mini Documentary.   And my first effort at financing a story through “crowd sourcing” and a Fellowship I was awarded through the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

I originally pitched the story through Spot.Us and garnered moderate support there.  But most of the support was through NAHJ and a reporting project involving New York University and the University of Arizona.

“Through The Haze”

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“Through the Haze” is a documentary currently in production about a hazing and sexual assault at a high school in New Mexico.  This story hit pretty close to home.  I graduated from the high school about fifteen years ago.  I’ve spent the last year traveling between San Francisco and New Mexico covering this case.  In my efforts to cover that case, I’ve learned that hazings of this nature unfortunately happen quite often.

“Through The Haze” should be completed by the end of 2010 for possible distribution on television and film festivals.