"More Than Fifteen Years Experience In Broadcast Journalism"


The power of television is it’s immediacy, and ability to SHOW an audience what is happening, and who is involved.  At this point in my career, I’ve mastered the ability to work on a strict deadline, and to glide through a breaking news story.  What I’m enjoying now is composing stories that are more layered and compelling.


I met one of my career goals recently when I filed my first story for National Public Radio.  It’s a goal I set for myself about fifteen years ago when I started my broadcast career in Albuquerque.  I’m really excited to be able to pitch more stories to NPR.  Knowing how to tell a great story through sound, is the basis for telling any powerful story.


Reporting online has become one of my most recent disciplines.  I must admit, it was intimidating at first, especially when it became an additional demand on my time as a General Assigment Reporter in a TV Newsroom.  But these days, I’ve come to love so many facets of the medium.  It has the ability to be as immediate at TV, as layered as a good radio story, and even more in depth that a printed piece.